Vancouver Island GPS Trail Files

This page contains a repository for Vancouver Island GPS trail files, namely hiking and biking trails. If you are planning on using a trail during your visit, these will help you stay on track. Most of the trails are supplied in KML and GPX format.

The KML files allow you to view the trail networks on Google Earth and the GPX files can be uploaded to a wide variety of GPS devices. Consult the instructions that come with your GPS on methods of uploading files to your device.

As time permits, we will create GEO PDF maps of the trail networks. These maps will enable you to load the entire image as a background map so you can follow your position on the map.  We have found the ideal software to use for this is Avenza PDF maps, available for both Apple and Android devices. Avenza PDF maps is free and works on GPS alone, meaning you can still see your position on the map even if you lose your cellular signal.

Check back often for new additions to this site repository.

Please consider contributing your Vancouver Island GPS trail files data to our database for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands so other users may enjoy map data for these areas.

Use our CONTACT FORM to attach and submit your Vancouver Island GPS trail files along with a brief description including trail name, trail use, location, and method of trail data collection. Thank you.


Vancouver Island GPS trail files by location.

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Vancouver Island Trail Location Map

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Cowichan Valley Trail: 48.773116, -123.855057


The user (that’s you or whoever uses them in the real world!)  agrees to use these maps at their own risk.

Our goal with Vancouver Island Travel Guide is to assemble useful and engaging travel information and trip ideas to help you plan your visit to Vancouver Island. Hiking, mountain biking, ATV’ing or any other off-road activity or sport are potentially dangerous and entail certain risks such as personal injury, loss of enjoyment, or death. Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and use caution at all times. Trail conditions may change rapidly and unexpectedly. Imprint Communications cannot be held responsible for the experiences of users of or related Imprint Communications materials while traveling or at any time.

These maps do not distinguish between public or private property or imply access to any trails. Some of the trails WILL pass through private land. Be respectful and obey posted signs. The user accepts all responsibility with respect to trespass on private property.
Imprint Communications is not responsible for trail map accuracy or whether the maps reflect the entire trail network or only a portion thereof, nor is it responsible for trail conditions, including passability. These maps are not intended as a primary means of navigation. Ensure you have alternate means of determining your position.

By downloading trail files from you acknowledge reading, understanding and agreeing to both the TERMS OF USE and the website DISCLAIMER


Base Map Layers

Base map layers provided by Google Maps. Base layer images are subject to the respective copyright policies of their owners.

Trail and Marker Overlays

Trail layers and downloadable data are all original works created by Imprint Communications from sources including our own GPS tracks, user contributed GPS tracks, and GIS and GPS data from local, regional and federal government agencies. Imprint Communications data is made freely available under the Open Database License – you are free to copy and use it for any purpose under the terms of that license (summary).

I have read and understood the above disclaimer and copyright text.

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Things to do on Vancouver Island

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Hot Springs Cove: 49.361799, -126.265334
Kinsol Trestle: 48.668880, -123.693953
Juan de Fuca Trail—China Beach Terminus: 48.433717, -124.093323
Juan de Fuca Trail—Botannical Beach Terminus: 48.532700, -124.443984
Meares Island Big Tree Trail: 49.149422, -125.875168
Bamfield: 48.832959, -125.141273
Tofino: 49.152423, -125.905937
Victoria: 48.442655, -123.359276
Chemainus: 48.926620, -123.722528
Telegraph Cove: 50.545032, -126.833552

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