Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesShepherd got his first taste of the West Coast of British Columbia at the tender age of nine, high above the water on the bridge of a BC Ferry, piloting it through Active Pass. From that experience and the first knuckle busting run of a large Chinook salmon in Brentwood Bay, he was hooked and the coastal adventure began.

The remainder of his childhood was spent on land and water — and air when he got his pilot’s license — exploring Vancouver Island. A summer job as a saltwater fishing guide helped pay the university bills and led to his first business — salmon fishing and whale watching from Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

In time Shepherd gave it all up and moved to the interior of British Columbia to get a respectable job. He spent the next eight years making maps and tromping about the bush. Despite working in truly magnificent areas of BC and the Yukon, Vancouver Island kept calling him back.

Back on the Island, he resumed his former adventures while continuing to make maps and tromp about the bush. Today he lives with his lovely wife and two girls in Nanaimo, where he is working hard to provide visitors with Vancouver Island travel information.

If he is not at his desk or in parent mode, he is probably exploring somewhere on land or water or is indulging his biking obsession by road and trail.